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What is Failure?

What is Failure?

Failure is a situation if in certain environment or situation the defects in the software get executed then the system wrong results causing in a failure.

Not all the defects results in a failure. It is not just defects or bugs that cause failure in the application or software.

Failure can also be caused due to the following reasons:

  • Failure can also be caused because of the environmental conditions like radiation burst, electronic field or magnetic field could case failure in hardware or firmware.
  • Failures may also be caused by human error while interacting with the software, like a wrong input value being entered or an output wrongly interpreted.

Difference between Defect, Error and Failure in software.

Error: The mistakes done by developer is called as an Error. This can be caused because of the following reasons:
  •         Some confusion in understanding the requirement or functionality of the application or software.
  •       Because of miscalculation of the values during development.

Defect: The bugs introduced by developer in the code of the software is known as defect. Defects can be caused due to some programming mistakes.

Failure: If under certain situation the defects get executed by the testing team during the testing phase then it will result in failure known as Software Failure.