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Objectives and Purpose of Software Testing

Objectives and Purpose of Software Testing

Software testing has various objectives and goals. Some of the major objectives of software testing are following:

  • To find out the defects which may get created by developer while developing the software or application.
  • Providing complete information about the quality of the software.
  • Gaining confidence in the software developed by the team.
  • Making sure that software developed meets the user and business requirement.
  • To make sure that the software developed satisfies the Business Requirement Specification and System Requirement Specification documents.

Software testing help in verification and validation of the software application or product for business and user requirements. To verify that it is very important to have good test coverage. Test coverage is necessary to test the software application thoroughly and to make sure that software is developed according to the specifications.

When determining test coverage the test cases developed should be designed correctly with maximum chances of finding defect, errors or bugs.

Once the software is delivered to end user or customers, they should be able to run the software without any problem. To make sure that customer should not have any difficulty in using the software, tester should test the application according to the client or customers.

A good coverage of testing means that testing has been done to cover maximum areas like functionality of application, compatibility of software with the Operating System, hardware and various browsers, performance testing to test the performance of the software in various conditions.