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Defects and Failures Arise From?

Defects and Failures Arise From?

Defects and failures basically come from the following:
  • Errors in requirement specification, design and development of software or application..
  • Errors while using the system.
  • Errors due to environmental conditions.
  • Errors for intentional damage.
  • Potential consequences of earlier error detection.

Error in requirement specification:

Specification is basically a document which explains the functional and non functional aspects of the application software. For testing the specifications code is not required. Without code we can test all the specifications. Around 60% of the bugs present in the software are because of error in specification. Therefore testing the specifications of the software can save lots of time and cost in future.

Errors while using the system:

Errors while using the system or application can arise because of the following reasons:
  • Insufficient knowledge of the product or software that is to be tested.
  • Insufficient understanding of the product or software by the developer.

Errors due to Environmental Conditions:

Wrong setup of testing environment may report in defects or failures. Recent survey shows that about 40% of the testing team’s time is consumed due to environment issues. This impacts the quality and productivity.

Errors due to intentional damage:

Intentional damage can lead to defects and failures reported by testing team while testing the product or software.

Potential consequences of earlier error detection:

Errors or defects found in early stages of development reduce the cost of production. Therefore it is important to find errors at earlier stage. This can be done by reviewing the requirement specification documents or by walkthrough.