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March 30, 2020

Types of Non Functional Testing

Types of Non - Functional Testing.
              Performance Testing.
              Usability Testing.
              Compatibility Testing.
Performance Testing:

              Performance testing is the most important testing of non-functional testing.
              This testing tells how fast the server can responds to an users request.
              Performance testing of application concentrates on the Response time, Load, and Stability of the software.
              Response time: Response time is the time taken by the server to respond to the client's request.
              Load:  Load means when many number of users are using the software at the same time, then we see that the application behaves correctly.
               Stability: Stability of the software is that when many users are using the application for a particular duration of time.

March 27, 2020

Types of Manual Testing White Box Testing Black Box Testing.

White Box Testing Black Box Testing.

White box testing is also known as glass box, clear box, transparent box testing. 

White box testing tests the internal code and infrastructure of an application to focus on checking of previously defined inputs for expected or desired outputs. This testing is based on internal working of an application or software. It revolves around internal coding testing.

In white box testing, coding skills are required for designing the test cases. The primary objective of white box testing is to focus on the flow of the software. The inputs and output flow through the application and security of the software are the main objectives of white box testing.