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Test Cases for Lift/Elevator

Test Cases on Capacity of lift:

  • Verify the maximum passenger capacity of lift.
  • Verify the maximum weight capacity of lift.

Test Cases on Usability of lift:

  • Verify the Height, Width and length of lift.
  • Verify the type of material used in lift interior and exterior.
  • Verify the type of door of lift.
  • Verify that buttons are present according to the number of floors in building.
  • Verify that buttons to open and close lift door should be present.
  • Verify that the buttons should be self-explanatory.
  • Verify that blind person should be able to use the buttons.
  • Verify that the controls are guided by a voice message.

Test Cases for Comfort in Lift:

  • Verify that emergency button and contact details should be present in lift.
  • Verify the performance of lift, the time taken to go a particular floor.
  • Verify that fan is present in lift or not.
  • Verify that light is present in lift or not.

Test Cases for Functionality of Lift:

  • Verify that lift moves to particular floor when the floor button is pressed.
  • Verify that lift comes to floor is up/down button are pressed at a particular floor.
  • Verify that the door should not be opened if open door button is pressed in between two floors.
  • Verify the behaviour of lift in case of power failure, lift should not free fall or should not stop in between two floors.
  • Verify that lift door closes or not if an object is placed in between the door, it should not close.
  • Verify the time for which the door remains open at floor.
  • Verify that door should not open while the lift is in motion.
  • Verify that backup mechanism should be present in case of power loss.
  • Verify that in case multiple floor number button is clicked, lift should stop at each floor
  • Verify that in case of capacity limit is reached users are prompted with warning alert.
  • Verify that inside lift user are prompted with current floor and direction information the lift is moving towards.

Negative Test Cases for Lift:

  • Verify the behaviour of lift when the capacity of lift exceeds.
  • Verify the behaviour of lift when there is smoke or fire inside the lift.
  • Verify the behaviour by pressing open button while lift is moving.
  • Verify the behaviour by pressing stop button before reaching the specific floor.

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